Classification of Ships in Service

The procedure for the classification of ships in service are divided into four (4) steps:

  1. Submission of application by Shipowner and signing of contract

  2. Submission of required plans for review and approval

  3. Initial and confirmation survey

  4. Acceptance by the Classification Committee, Documentation and Issuance of Class Certificate


Shipowners may contact us at our office or email us and we shall promptly advise of the requirements. An Application Form and can be downloaded and accomplished too.

Information as to the particulars of the ship, the name of the builder,date of built, type, propulsion machinery, gross and net tonnages, unusual features, alterations if any may be asked and whether all required original and alteration plans are readily available as these are important requirements.

Upon receipt of the duly accomplished Application Form, PRS prepares quotation for classification fee/terms of payment and conditions. Once the Shipowner is agreeable to the classification fee/terms and conditions, he signs a contract.


The Shipowner shall submit the required plans in three (3) copies each as early as possible to give enough lead time for PRS to review the same.

What are the required plans and documents to be submitted? Initially, the following five (5) plans in three (3) copies and documents are to be submitted before the initial survey of the ship is to be carried-out.


  1. General Arrangement Plan

  2. Midship Section

  3. Shell Expansion Plan showing original thickness and latest gauging done

  4. Construction Plan showing deck and bottom framing

  5. Machinery Arrangement & Foundation (Engine Bed)


  1. Certificate of Ownership

  2. Certificate of Philippine Registry

  3. Records/certificates issued by previous classification society (applicable to vessels previously classed)

To be followed by the other required plans and certificates listed below:

  1. Deck Plating showing original thickness and latest gauging done

  2. Inner Bottom Plating (Tank Top) showing original thickness and latest gauging done

  3. Bulkhead Plating showing original thickness and latest gauging done

  4. Ramp Arrangement & Details (for RoRo and similar vessels only)

  5. Crankshaft Deflection Report (after vessel ‘s drydocking)

  6. General Piping Layout

  7. Cargo Piping Layout (for tankers)

  8. Anchor Chain Calibration Data

  9. Electrical Plans

    • Single Line Wiring Diagram

    • Deck Wiring Layout

    • Deck Wiring Diagram

    • Power Load Analysis

  10. Alteration/Coversion Plan (if vessel was modified from original built)

  11. 5″ x 7″ colored picture of vessel showing clear view of profile, bow and astern

  12. Certificate of Stability

  13. Loadline Certificate

  14. Cargo Ship Safety Certificate/Passenger Ship Safety Certificate

NOTE: Requirements for tankers carrying white product (flash point less than 60°C) can be obtained from the PRS office. Other plans/drawings/data necessary for strength and other calculation maybe required. Where any feature of the plans is found contrary to the applicable PRS Rules, national or international standards, the Shipowner will be advised accordingly and if necessary modifications are to be carried-out as a condition for classification.

All plans are to be duly signed and sealed by a Registered Naval Architect and in the case of electrical plans, by a Professional Electrical Engineer.


The Shipowner schedules the ship for initial survey, advising PRS of the date and place where the survey is to be carried out. The Shipowner must ensure that the ship is place on drydock or slipway and will be available for a sufficient length of time to enable the Surveyor to thoroughly examine the vessel to the full requirements of the PRS Rules for the Construction and Classification of Steel Vessels 1989 (revised edition 2011), specifically Section 2, Chapter T thereof. Special consideration may be given by PRS depending on the ship’s general condition, type, date and records of the last drydocking.

After the completion of the initial survey, PRS will formally advise the Shipowner of the findings of the Surveyor. An Interim Class Certificate maybe granted by PRS depending on the compliance of the Shipowner of all major recommendations by the Surveyor and the result of the evaluation and deliberation by the PRS Classification Committee.

Upon compliance of all pending requirements/recommendations of the Surveyor, the Shipowner notifies PRS and request for Confirmation Survey. PRS Surveyor conducts Confirmation Survey and submits to the PRS Classification Committee his reports/findings and other relevant documents.

At this stage the Shipowner shall have submitted all the required plans and approved by PRS.


The PRS Classification Committee meets, evaluates and deliberates on the PRS Technical Staff and the Surveyor’s reports and other relevant documents submitted and determine the ship’s compliance with Class Rules and issuance of Class Certificate. If the committee’s finding is favorable, the Committee assigns the ship’s classification symbols and notations and approves the issuance of a Full Term Class Certificate. The ship’s classification symbols and notations and other particulars are then entered in the PRS Registry Book.

If the decision is to defer the issuance of a Full Term Class Certificate due to non-compliance with certain requirements or for any reason, the PRS may issue upon approval by the Classification Committee an Interim Class Certificate with a validity period not exceeding three (3) months and maybe extended for the same period but not to exceed twelve (12) months and as per existing Class Rules.

A Full Term Class Certificate has a validity period of five (5) years and is issued to a vessel when all class requirements for the particular Special Survey have been satisfactorily met and all fees and charges are fully settled by the Ship-owner. However, the Full Term validity period of five (5) years shall be reckoned from the date of the first Provisional Certificate issued.

During the validity of the Full Term Class Certificate, Annual Endorsement Survey and Intermediate Survey will be conducted by PRS to verify and ensure that the ship is being maintained to class.