The essential aspect of ship classification is the development of standards known as Class Rules. PRS develops, promulgates, updates and applies rules and technical standards for the design, construction and survey of ships and other marine-related structures. These Rules and Standards are established, developed and updated by the Technical Committee and pertains to the structural strength and integrity of the ship’s hull and reliability of propulsion system, powering, steering system, etc. and is administered and implemented by the Classification Committee through the Society’s Surveyors and technical staff for issuance/assignment of classification certificates and registration of vessels in the PRS Registry Book.

Plan Approval

PRS Technical Division reviews and approves design plans of ships and offshore installations to verify compliance of the hull structure, stability, machinery, electrical and automated systems to the requirements of PRS Rules, national and international regulations as applicable.

We use the latest “Maxsurf Enterprise Suite” software of Bentley Systems, USA for this purpose.

New Building Surveys

PRS Surveyors attends at the shipyard from keel laying to delivery to verify that the approved plans are followed, good workmanship practices are applied and other applicable Rules are adhered to in all respects.

During the construction of a vessel, PRS surveyors witness at the place of the manufacture or fabrications the tests of materials for hull and certain items of machinery, as required by the Rules. They also survey the construction, installation and testing of structural members, mechanical and electrical systems. Throughout the time of construction, we maintain an on-going dialogue with the Shipowner and Shipbuilder to make sure the Rules are understood and adhered to and also to assist resolving differences that may arise to avoid costly delays.

When completed, a vessel undergoes sea trial attended by a PRS surveyor to verify that the vessel performs satisfactorily in accordance with the Rules.

In-Service Surveys

PRS conducts periodic surveys to determine whether a vessel is being maintained in a condition worthy of maintaining classification status such as special, annual, intermediate and docking surveys.

Statutory Inspection

When authorized by the Philippine government or any foreign flag state, PRS can provide statutory inspection services and issue corresponding certificates to vessels in order to comply with flag state requirements and IMO Conventions. We are authorized by the Philippine Coast Guard to survey and issue certificates under the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), amongst others.


PRS Technical Services Inc. (or PRS Tech) is a reliable and independent marine consultancy company that offers high quality technical services focused on all types of marine structures like ships, offshore units and ports. Our vision is to be the best partner of our clients by providing customer-focused and cost effective technical services.

Our team of highly qualified and well trained consultants and technicians are composed of Naval Architects, Masters, Marine Engineers and other experts coming from different engineering fields to ensure competent service delivery and meet our clients’ satisfaction, as well as meet industry and government regulations related to commercial aspects and quality, safety, security, occupational health and environmental protection standards.

Our main scope of services include:

  • Naval Architecture and Ship Design using the latest Maxsurf Enterprise Suite software duly licensed by Bently Systems, USA

  • Stability Calculations including probabilistic method compliant to the latest SOLAS standards

  • ISO Management System Development and Consultancy

  • H&M and P&I Condition Surveys

  • On Hire / Off Hire Surveys

  • Pre-purchase Surveys

  • Towage Approval Surveys

  • Grounding and Collision Surveys

  • Cargo Damage Surveys and Investigations

  • Pollution Surveys

  • Fire Investigations

  • Expert Witness

  • Risk Evaluation and Analysis

  • Superintendency and Repair Supervision

  • Project Cargo Surveys

  • Nickel Ore Loading Surveys

  • JH143 Shipyard risk assessment surveys

We help protect our clients’ business interests, manage their risks and ensure objective technical services at the highest level.

Quality Assurance

Companies, regardless of size, face ever increasing demands for profitability and quality that contributes to their sustainable development. To maintain competitive advantage, you need to have an efficient management system developed to your business processes.

Through our wholly-owned subsidiary, PRS Quality Assurance Inc. (or PRS QA), we are the first and only Filipino certification body to be authorized by the Philippine Accreditation Bureau to provide management system certification services to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and other standards as required by clients.

Our main scope of services are:

  • ISO certification of various management systems, validation and verification of these management systems in compliance with national and international standards

  • Public or in-company training events (like ISO trainings) including customized training solutions or multi-disciplinary training which can better equip companies in implementing their management system

PRS QA promotes PRS advocacy in providing reliable and high quality certification services to support industry’s thrust for continuous improvement and risk management thus improving any company’s bottomline.

Why choose PRS QA?

Our assessment methodology helps you manage your systems and risks to improve the performance of your organization. We assess your system’s compliance with international standards and measure how well key systems support your business processes while building sustainable business performance.

Plan your shift to the revised ISO standards with PRS QA

Find out how PRS QA’s training and gap analysis services on the revisions to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 can benefit your organization.