What We Do

Our Specific Functions

  1. Develop, promulgate and maintain Rules and Standards known as “Class Rules” for the design, construction and survey of various types and sizes of vessels and other marine-related structures.

  2. Review and approve plans and drawings for ships and other marine-related structures for adherence to the Rules.

  3. Survey ship construction, alteration and repair including installation of their machineries, piping, electrical and other fittings vital for classification.

  4. Witness tests, measurements and trials where applicable to ensure satisfactory condition and operation in accordance with the Rules.

  5. Assign appropriate class symbols, marks and notations to vessels relative to the structural and mechanical fitness for their intended use and geographical limitations.

  6. Issue relevant certificates to vessels and other structures accepted into class and monitor their expiry dates.

  7. Conduct periodic and special surveys on PRS-classed vessels and other related marine structures to ensure their structural and mechanical fitness while such vessels or structures are engaged in trade.

  8. Offer effective maritime training events for maritime industry practitioners with the latest shipping technologies .

  9. Perform maritime statutory services on behalf of the Philippine government and foreign flag states as maybe duly authorized in accordance with applicable maritime international conventions.

  10. Provide other marine verification services to provide ship-owners independent and third party verification of maritime products and services based on contract specifications, standards, regulations and industry guidelines.