The Rules on surveys provided for in the PRS Rules for the Construction and Classification of Steel Vessels 1989, (revised 2011), specifically Section 2, Chapter T thereof, shall govern the transfer of class from other Classification Societies to PRS.

The simplified procedures for transfer of a ship’s class to PRS are divided into four (4) steps:

  1. Submission of application by Shipowner and signing of contract
  2. Submission of required essential plans for review and approval
  3. Actual survey of the ship which will depend on the type and age as well as the current classed status of the vessel as indicated on the previous Classification Society’s records
  4. Acceptance by the Classification Committee, Documentation and Issuance of PRS Class Certificate


Shipowners and other interested parties can phone us, visit or write us and we shall promptly advise on the requirements. An “Application Form” is posted in the website and can be “downloaded” by interested parties. Information as to the particulars of the ship, builder’s name, date of built, type, propulsion machinery, gross and net tonnages, previous classification society and class records, unusual features, alterations if any, etc. may be asked and whether all required original and alteration plans are readily available as these are important requirements.

Upon receipt of the duly accomplished Application Form, PRS prepares quotation for the transfer of class fee/terms of payments and conditions. Once the shipowner is agreeable, he signs a contract.


The shipowner shall submit the required plans (in 3 copies each) and documents of the vessel as early as possible to give enough lead time for PRS to review the same. The same requirements as listed in STEP 2 of “Ships In Service”.


The shipowner submits plans and documents as listed in Stage 2 of “Ships In Service” and schedules the initial survey for transfer of class advising PRS of the date and place where the survey is to take place. The shipowner must ensure that the ship will be available for a sufficient length of time in order for the survey to be completed. Upon completion of the initial survey, PRS will formally advise the shipowner on the findings of the attending surveyor.


Depending on the shipowner’s compliance of the surveyor’s recommendations and the evaluation by the PRS Classification Committee on the reports of the Surveyor, the transfer of the ship’s class maybe accepted in which case PRS shall issue an Interim Class Certificate or a Full Term Class Certificate, whichever is appropriate.

NOTE: Shipowners applying for transfer of class to PRS are enjoined not to cancel/withdraw their ship’s current class certificate from the issuing Classification Society until their ship’s classification is finally accepted and a new class certificate is issued by PRS.